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Livin’ On The Edge

Livin’ On The Edge

DISCLAIMER: This post is in collaboration with Leif Johnson Ford. No compensation was provided, however a borrowed car was given in exchange for my honest review of my experience driving the Ford Edge and working with Leif Johnson Ford.

As y’all probably saw over on social media last week, I went on a Memorial Day adventure to Port Aransas, TX in the Ford Edge, and I feel like I was livin’ on the edge, or should I say, livin’ in the Ford Edge! Let’s start from the who, what, why for this post because you might have a few questions and I want to talk about how Leif Johnson Ford is different from the rest in Austin – some tips any business owner could take away regarding customer service, and if you so happen to be curious about new cars nowadays (I currently drive a 2014 Nissan Sentra SV so this was super cool for me, LOL)  then this will be a fun post for you! It’s like going from a flip-phone to an iPhone, but hey, that’s how I’ve been rollin’ friends, I ain’t flashy but boy do I love tech!

Who –  Leif Johnson Ford is a 2nd generational family owned Ford dealership in the heart of Austin, TX. For 62 years this family has operated 3 Ford franchise dealerships and 5 Pre-owned locations in and around the Austin area. From personal vehicles to commercial trucks, to our collision center and rent-a-car service we have a vehicle for every family and business. As we continue to develop as an industry, we felt it was important that our family of dealerships change the way we do business; by creating a faster and more seamless process when buying a vehicle.Community involvement has also been an integral part of what Leif Johnson Ford has stood for during the last 62 years of operation. We are proud to have established partnerships with organizations such as, Earning by Learning, Responsible Parenting, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Toys for Tots and many more.

What – Alright so… I do I have a car and it works well, it’s a 2014 Nissan that I finance monthly, but this doesn’t mean I don’t love all the new tech in the cars right now – mine is pretty outdated and I’ve been looking for a new car over the last few months.. There was an opportunity when Leif insisted I had to test out the 2018 Ford Edge Titanium Edition.

Why – The timing to test drive this car was perfect, I was headed to the beach with friends for Memorial Day and the road trip seemed like the best time to test out all of the features the vehicle has to offer.

Funny story– I’ve never driven a Ford other than an Expedition before, but I knew that they were super quiet. After loading the car down with way too many clothes for a 72 hour trip and plenty of snacks, I was ready to hit the open road. Port Aransas is only about three and a half hours away from Austin so it makes for the perfect weekend beach destination!

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about driving a larger vehicle for the first time in a while for a long road trip at night, but it was such an easy transition. Once I got my Ford Sync playing my favorite playlist and my Starbucks in the passenger seat, I was ready to roll!

Driving at night, one of the features I loved the most about this car was the cruise control. Not only did it let you set your speed, but Ford vehicles also come equipped with a lane keeping system and automatic lights. Automatic lights? YES! When I was driving and it was dark, I noticed my brights would automatically come on and turn off, letting me have better vision on the long trip through the countryside without having to remember to turn them on and off every time I passed an oncoming car. One thing I always have to carry on me is a phone charger, but if you forget, NO WORRIES! This car comes with a wireless charging system, so just drop your device into the compartment below the control panel and you are ready to go!

The reading text message feature is so convenient, and there are so many cool features like even having the ability to change the accent lighting color throughout the inside. I could go on and on but I think it’s best that if any of you are shopping for your next car to consider Leif Johnson Ford. They are so hospitable, warm and you can tell they love their job and their customers. This is a big deal! If you are a little car dealership shy, you can also check out a vehicle online too.

And maybe you’ll fall in love with the Ford Edge like I did? I didn’t want to give it back and am seriously considering trading mine in because it is so spacious yet comfortable – with leather seats throughout it’s designed as a sporty-style mid-size SUV! I told so many of my friends I was sad, this is an amazing car. Plus it needs to be noted that I drove all the way to Port Aransas, around all weekend and back to Austin on the SAME TANK OF GAS. Yes, you read that right. I guess the SUV mind in me assumed I would be pouring all of my money in the gas tank and I didn’t know there was another way of life!! So good. So for those keeping score at home, that means this car is: sporty, cute, easy to drive and SUPER economical. You can find more details on the cars specifications HERE!


  • They are closed on Sundays. Even though another weekend day would be great for business, they prioritize faith and family and I love that.
  • They are a family-owned business. The 2nd generation of the Leif Johnson family work at the dealership. Fred, who is the President, is one of the kindest people I’ve met in the automotive industry. They are generous in their giving and volunteering to organizations all around the community including Earning by Learning, Responsible Parenting, Susan G. Komen race for the cure and more.
  • They appreciate their veterans and military personnel. I also heard an employee say to a customer, “Thank you for being a Vet.”
  • They have long-term employees. Many just retired, and you can see the years of employees on stickers inside their dealership.
  • For June, Leif Johnson Ford are offering:
    • 10% disc on any service for military personal. They must present their military ID
    • $59.95 works package for gas engine only
    • $59.00 alignment

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