Beauty Tuesdays: Kybella Q&A

Before, Day 2, Day 14

What is Kybella and what does it do?
It’s an injection that is FDA approved to “destroy” fat cells under your chin. You can read more HERE!

How many vials did you get in your session?
I did 3 vials in my first session and will most likely get 3 for the second too!

How much does it cost?
I would head in for a consult with your local Medspa or Rejuvenate Austin as costs do vary depending on how much you get. I got 3 vials in my first round so that is more than a typical case looks like. If you book with Rejuvenate use my code HANNAH15 for 15% off your service!

Was it painful?
I genuinely didn’t feel it – and I have NO pain threshold. She had me ice the area for about 10 minutes before injecting so I didn’t even feel the needles going in. There was no burning sensation after she injected too because she used lidocaine in the syringe but it was more dull aching and getting hot than painful. The burning didn’t last too long, maybe 20 mins?!

Is Kybella permanent?
Yes, it is! There are 3 options when looking to get rid of your double chin: Coolsculpting (I don’t think I’d see good results), Liposuction (not my thing) and Kybella (the main ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid – when that is applied to an area, it destroys fat cells permanently, so those cells will no longer accumulate or store fat). However, the remaining fat cells that haven’t been treated can expand over time. You can learn more HERE!

Did you have any side effects?
The only side effects I experienced were swelling and tenderness. The swelling lasted 7-10 days and the tenderness about 3-4. It’s day 14 now and it’s still tender but that’s more from how much I got injected – I got 3 vials and usually people get 1-2. There definitely are more side effects that are possible so I encourage you to get up to speed on them before.

How long did your swelling last?
The first 7-10 days I looked like a bullfrog and was super swollen! It’s still tender to the touch today (14 days post injection) and still slightly swollen but that should go down by week 4-5.

Are you going to do another round?
Yes, I’m booked in for the end of March (8 weeks after 1st treatment)!

Did insurance cover it?
No, insurance doesn’t cover Kybella, you have to pay out of pocket for it.

Do you have to do anything for after care?
No, I just iced for about 30 minutes after and the next day took some advil. The pain you have for the first 48-72 hours is more of a dull ache so nothing unbearable. I’d bought compression pads and gel ice packs but Dr Wright (my personal injector, make sure you consult with yours on their aftercare preferences) didn’t want me really doing anything other than leaving it alone. I did rub a little arnicare gel on my neck around day 5-6 to speed up the bruising – I bruise really bad.

Where did you get it done in Austin? Why do you recommend them?
I went to Rejuvenate Austin and have really enjoyed my experience there so far! I do my facials and will eventually top up my lip filler here as well. Everyone has been so welcoming and the atmosphere is more about your personal wellness and choosing treatments based off your goals and no one is pushy. You can use my code HANNAH15 for 15% off your service!

Anyway, here’s my initial thoughts on Kybella. Would I get it done again? Yes, I would! Definitely getting a second treatment, I think I’ll see better results if I do. Would I recommend it to others? Yes I would and I already have, but I do go over the possible adverse effects that could happen with them and I show them my pictures and let them know of my experience. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’m happy to answer! Stay tuned to stories for more frequent updates on how I’m healing!


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