Monday Favorites & Things I Have In My Cart

Hi friends, happy MONDAY! I’ve been a little absent last week on the blog. To be honest, I was having a hard week personally and was not motivated what so ever. However, I’ve been loving so many things recently that I wanted to round up some Monday favorites for y’all as well as share my latest Boohoo order! There’s also a little giveaway at the bottom of this post!

Amazon Sunnies – I recently ordered a few pairs of sunnies from Amazon and I am IN LOVE with these! They’re currently on sale under $15 and look very similar to Celine Edge glasses! They’re sturdy, which is always something that concerns me when buying from Amazon. Check out more of my fashion & accessories Amazon faves here!

Tula Rose Glow Eye Balm – my ride or die EVERY DAY beauty product. I have more info saved to IG highlights but you can apply this both under and on top of makeup for a quick glow! It also has rosehip oil to hydrate and caffeine to help wake you up…it gives you a cooling sensation that feels like you’ve put ice packs under your eyes! Code HANNAH will get you 15% off!

Sparkling Yuzu Candle (smells like capri blue volcano!!) – a random find, but I picked this up at Target recently and it smells SO GOOD and is only $10 for the large size!

$18 Egg Cooker – y’all seem to love this as much as I do which is AWESOME! It’s perfect if you like eggs but don’t like the fuss that comes with cooking them. It makes Soft, Medium & Hard boiled eggs, as well as omelettes & poached eggs! You just put the water in with the cup provided, put your eggs in and walk away to live your life. The timer will let you know when they’re done!

MAC Cherish Lipstick – If you missed my Lip Combo blog post, check that out! I listed all my favorite lipsticks for all seasons, and the shade ‘Cherish’ by MAC is on repeat in my makeup bag. It’s currently on sale through tonight for only $15 for the full size along with 15+ other colors! I’m stocking up right after I hit publish on this post!!

Valentino Dupe Studded Heels – I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I haven’t been wearing heels much during quarantine. Along with some knee problems (I know, being 27 makes me feel like an old lady LOL) heels that are comfortable can be super hard to nail down – until I found these! They come in multiple colors and are under $40..also SO COMFORTABLE to walk in and look exactly like the Valentino ones that are $700+! My feet haven’t hurt yet while wearing these.

Recently I’ve been LOVING Boohoo and have a couple of try-ons coming soon for y’all! Below is what I’ve ordered – everything is super cute for summer!

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